Covid-19 Response, Coronavirus Update information.

The Karen Society of Nebraska creates videos and translation Covid-19 information into Karen to fulfill the community's information need. An agency and employer ready to print and share their Karen client and employee as need. The Karen Society of Nebraska updated coronavirus information in Karen one a week after local Covid-19 details updated. Hoping this information will find you useful. KSN plans to continue these information resources and also accept any suggestions to improve. Friendly remember to Avoid the Three Cs

 Covid 19 Informational Video

KSN - Community briefing Covid-19 updated one a week after local information update. Information includes information Lincoln Mayor's community briefing, Omaha, and Madison Covid update.

Covid 19 Translation

These Covid-19 resources are from Nebraska DHHS, Lincoln Mayor, and NE Governor and CDC.

Mayor Gaylor Baird, Coronavirus Update November 6, 2020 in Karen. KSN proud to be a part of this translation process.

Mantel Health

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Stress during an infectious disease outbreak can include:

Mantal Health
Stress & Coping

Common Medical Terms - Karen

One of the questions the doctor will ask us is, How do you feel? Let learn a few common medical terms together.

Common Medica Terms with Pictures  Karen English
Human body Karen version
Healthy foods Poster Karen Version

Doctor appointment & Pharmacy

Asking questions and providing information to your doctor and other care providers can improve your care. Talking with your doctor builds trust and leads to better results, quality, safety, and satisfaction. One of the best ways to communicate with your doctor and health care team is by asking questions. Because time is limited during medical appointments, you will feel less rushed if you prepare your questions before your appointment. That is why they need you to speak up. Questions to ask before your appointment. Questions to ask during your appointment. Questions to ask after your appointment. Build your own list of questions

This video also talk about how to get medicine. As we know, the requirements between the pharmacy in the United and refugee camps are not the same.


Advice about eating fish

This advice can help women who are pregnant or may become pregnant - as well as breastfeeding mothers and parents and caregivers feeding children two years and older - make informed choices regarding fish that are nutritious and safe to eat. Fish and other protein-rich foods have nutrients that can help your child's growth and development. As part of a healthy eating pattern, eating fish may also offer heart health benefits and lower the risk of obesity.

Information adapted from -
Advice About Eating Fish, FDA
Eat Safe Fish in Nebraska – NE DHHS
Choose Health, Low Mercury Fish – MN Department of Health
Basic Information About Mercury – USEPA

Advice about eating fish

Prenatal Healthcare - Pregnancy Month by Month

Prenatal care is when you get checkups from a doctor, nurse, or midwife throughout your pregnancy. It helps keep you and your future baby healthy. Your doctor, nurse, or midwife will monitor your future baby’s development and do routine testing to help find and prevent possible problems. These regular checkups are also a great time to learn how to ease any discomfort you may be having and ask any other questions about your pregnancy and the birth of your future baby.

For more information-
American Pregnancy Association

Karen Women Health and pregnancy

Free Food &, Clinic in Lincoln, School, Education & MyLNK App

MyLNK app is a free app, works with Apple and Android phones, works offline. It included free service information like food, clinic, transportation. It contains services and resources from nearly 400 organizations and 700 programs. It took more than a year of work and dozens of volunteers from Leadership Lincoln. Hoping this information will find you helpful.

Karen Women Health and pregnancy
Karen_Housing, Apartment, Car and Transportation
Karen_How to enroll your children in school

Car Seat Education

When traveling by car, wearing a seatbelt is required for everyone. A new bond baby also needs a car seat.

Car Seat Education
Car Seat Education Karen version

Immigration, I-94,Green Card,Citizenship

Immigration information will be include Refugee Resettlement Program, I-94 Arrival/Departure Records, Permanent Resident Card and Naturalization and Citizenship.

Karen_ Immigration

General Resources

General resources

Karen_ Diabetes
Karen_ Diabetes

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