Healthy Food and Food safety for our family

The food and environment in the United States of American and Burma are quite different. Lack of Knowledge about food safety and eating bad food can make families sick. Food safety knowledge will bring a healthy family.

1. Four Steps to Food Safety; Clean, separate, cook, and chill. 

2. How to know different between healthy food and junk food.

3. How to protect ourselves from Food Allergies

4. How to read food labels for healthy eating.

5. What are the five main food groups?

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Protein Foods
  • Dairy
  1. Healthy eating for Better Health An eating plan
  2. Four Steps to Food Safety
  3. Diet for high cholesterol & healthy foods from our garden
  4. Healthy foods and Junk foods
  5. Advice about Eating Fish
  6. Tips for Picking Healthy Food as You Get Older
  7. Healthy Food and a healthy lifestyle

Resources download link:Healthy Food and Food Safety for our Family

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