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Family health history

Understanding your family history is very important because we can’t change our genes, but we can change our behavior. Some illnesses can be prevented by knowing your family history. If we know our family health history, we can improve our health. Sometimes when we were asked about our family health history at the clinic, we found it annoying, but the provider was trying to help us. This video will help us understand how important family health history is.

-What is family health history?

-How can I collect my family health history?

-Why is family health history important for my health?

-How can I use my family health history to improve my health?

  1. Vitamins for Kids
  2. Vitamins and Minerals
  3. Family health history
  4. Understand Basic parenting skills
  5. Assistant Living
  6. Hearing Loss in Children
  7. Screen Time
  8. Positive Parenting Practices
  9. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  10. Free transportation and general resources information in MyLNK
  11. Doctor Appointment
  12. Education
  13. Pharmacy
  14. Immigration
  15. Family Doctor
  16. Emergency
  17. Youth violence
  18. Phone scammers
  19. Better Hearing and Speech
  20. High blood Pressure
  21. Ascites
  22. Parkinson’s Disease
  23. Colonoscopy
  24. Mouth Ulcer
  25. Monkeypox Vaccination Basics
  26. Kidney Stones
  27. Colonoscopy - ခိၣ်လိၣ်နိၣ်စ်စကိၣ်ဖံ
  28. Tetanus
  29. Typhoid fever
  30. Heat-Related Illness
  31. Cholera
  32. Oral Health Conditions
  33. Appendicitis
  34. Glaucoma Awareness
  35. ADHD
  36. Common Colds
  37. Abdominal ultrasound
  38. Dehydration
  39. Facts About Falls
  40. Tibia Fracture
  41. Coughing up blood
  42. Having a Primary care provider
  43. Epistaxis
  44. Adolescent care
  45. Everybody Gets Mad

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