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KSN-Special Events in 2020

Welcome! Every year KSN has two community event Karen New Year Event and Martyr's Day. You will find cultural presentations, booth displays, fashion shows, cultural dancing, and many kinds of Karen food that will lead you to learn, joyful, and fun. Keep the culture alive by preserving, sharing, maintaining the culture to transferring our cultural heritage to the next generations, and the benefit of the whole society.

2759 Karen New Year Celebration

Karen New Year Celebration 2759 interview section.

The 70th Memorial, Karen National Martyr’s Day Commemoration

KSN-Recognizing the Class of 2020

Recognizing the student's success brings joy, happiness, and satisfaction and supported our nation's future leader. Engagement between students, families, schools is essential for educational success. KSN believes education is the key to future success for individuals and the greater community. KSN recognized the student's success and achievement, and special thanks to parents, teachers, families, and friends who support students.

Student recognizing event at Omaha

Student recognizing event at Linoln

Victoria Clay: One of the KSN Omaha Youth Scholarship Recipients...

News in Our Community

Seven Four A place that brings our community together and serves as a meeting point is

Seven Four A Karen student from Nebraska won Gates Millennium Scholarship

Rutha's son Grandma Rutha was born in August 22nd, 1933 Leh Boe village, Ngar Pu Taw

Karen Dancing On January 4, 2014, fifteen hundred Karen people from Lincoln, Omaha,

Poe Dee The sun is set for some people, however for these Karen refugee high

lon and Martha Soreson Lon and Martha Sorenson are our community parents. Lon Sorenson started

Rosana Roland helping people Thousand of Karen people are resettled in Omaha, Nebraska. Most of them are

Group Picture Students from Lincoln, and Omaha took a picture after opening ceremony.

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