Graduated Karen Student.

Khu Htoo

By Khu Htoo
Karen Society of Nebraska-Lincoln

Group Picture The sun is set for some people, however for these Karen refugee high school students, the sun is rise for them. After graduation ceremony, they gathered together and took picture with their high school diploma. It was unbelievable that these student will go to higher education and major in different fields. Even though they were from undeveloped place, they overcome struggle in United States.

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Poe Dee and Friend Mr. Poe Dee was a Karen refugee from Burma and Thailand. He didn’t know much English when he came here in United States. As one of the Karen refugee high school students, he study very hard to get the best of education. His energy in working hard paid off because he received full ride scholarship to the college he wanted to go to.

It is also a miracle because when he came to United States, his parents didn’t come with him, so he didn’t have support from his parents. He lived with his relative and friends, but he worked hard to be success in school. When I asked him where he was going to school he told me he will go to Wayne State College. He said, “ I want to go to law school if I can.” He has a high goal and I can see that he has potential to reach his goal.

Eventhough he came from a very poverty place where people don’t respect law, he has the courage to get a degree in law. He said, “ I want to help people, so I want to major in law.” Lastly, Poe Dee is a very intelligent student and he never give up on what he is doing.

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