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The Karen Society of Nebraska health promotion in the home program will help improve health knowledge by understanding cleaning, create more resources, and improve the family connection. Most of the videos in this session will include cleaning home appliances. Cleaning range, oven, sink refrigerators are a great way to keep our home reasonable looking and smelling great and bring a healthy environment to the family.

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KSN - Home Appliances and Cleaning Supplies Vocabulary Booklet

KSN would like to share with you Home Appliances and Cleaning Supplies Vocabulary Booklet. Please feel free to print and share with friend and family who needs it. KSN hopes this book will be helpful for new Americans.
KSN special thanks to Kim-Yen Cao, Susan D Kash-Brown, Susan Howell, Hser Mu Lei, Mu Hser for suggesting, proofreading, and design to make this valuable booklet for the community. KSN also thanks to the model who helps in the book.

Health Promotion
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Home appliances and cleaning supplies

KSN - How to use and clean home appliances learning videos

KSN is working on the video series for cleaning home appliances, food safety, and basic pest prevention to promote health and well-being in the community.

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