Karen Office Omaha

Po Hteh

By Po Hteh
Karen Society of Nebraska-OMAHA

Elephants Rosana Roland, staff member, who work at Karen Society of Nebraska Office - Omaha.

Elephants P Leh Htoo's mail letters were interpreting by staff member at Karen Society of Nebraska Office - Omaha.

2753 Karen New Year Event, Lincoln Several refugees have difficulties with language barrier and they come to Karen Society of Nebraska Office - Omaha. with their mail letters to be interpreted by staff members.

Thousands of Karen people have resettled in Omaha, Nebraska. Most of them don't understand English. Of the many challenges that Karen refugees face, language is one of the most difficult. During their first 3-6 months in the US, Karen refugees are assisted by resettlement agencies, such as Lutheran Family Services and Southern Sudan Community Association. These agencies provide the initial support that refugees need to begin their lives in the US. However, these agencies are generally not funded to provide long-term, ongoing post-resettlement support. The Karen Society of Nebraska was created to fill this need, and assists community members with the daily problems that they encounter due to the language barrier, such as with reading letters.

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