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Karen American Festival 2023
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2023 Virtual Health Summit
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71 Karen National Martyrs Day's
Health Promotion

Thank-You Message from 2020 Census

Vicki McIntire

Thank-You Message from 2020 Census. Vicki McIntire, Asst, Regional Director of the Denver Region for the U.S. Census Burcau

KSN’s Got Talent - Online 2020 - Announcement

We hope this program will bring your enjoyable moment during Covid 19 pandemic. All together we can make the world beautiful with the talent that we have. Create a relation and make families feeling away from isolate and lonely to reduce stress and anxiety. We hope KSN’s Got Talent - Online 2020 will bring a smile, fun, and happy to our family and create a relationship with the community we care about. Please join us. Let create a wonderful community together.

Housing Information

Housing Information

KSN special thanks LCHR & Legal Aid for housing information.

Welcome to the Karen Society of Nebraska

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our organization. Karen Society of Nebraska helps refugees and immigrants from Burma achieve self-sufficiency and high quality of life in Nebraska. We have offices in Omaha, Lincoln, and Madison. In this center, refugees and immigrants can obtain assistance reading mail, filling out application forms, setting appointments, finding employment, and obtaining immigration services. You can learn about our rich cultural heritage, our services in Nebraska, our local resources, and how to get involved. We can be reached at


Health Promotion and COVID Vaccine information

Karen Society of Nebraska raises awareness of COVID 19 and vaccine information in numerous ways to increase vaccination rates among minority communities.


ကညီဖိလၢ အသးအိၣ်မၤလိ ကညီတီၤကိ:ဂၤ အဂီၢ် Please feel free to join KSN Karen Class

Health Promotion

Health Promotion - Video information and education, Home visits, and booth tables at community events for community health and wellbeing.

Getting My Vaccine Karen

The COVID-19 vaccine is the most effective way to protect children and teens from COVID-19. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends everyone get the vaccine as soon as they’re eligible.

Bedtime story

တၢ်ဃဲၤပူမ့ၢ်တၢ်လၢအမၤသူၣ်ခုသးခုဖိသၣ်အသး, မၤလဲၤထီၣ်လဲၤထီ၀ဲဒၣ်အ၀ဲသ့ၣ်အတၢ်ဒိကနၣ်, အတၢ်ဆိကမိၣ်ဆိကမး, ဒုးနၢ်ပၢၢ်အါထီၣ်အ၀ဲသ့ၣ်ဘၣ်ဃးလုၢ်လၢ်ထူသနူ, မၤဂ့ၤထီၣ်အ၀ဲသ့ၣ်အတၢ်တိၢ်န့ၢ်ဖံးဃာ်, မၤလိန့ၢ်တၢ်ညီဒီးအဂုၤအဂၤအါမးန့ၣ်လီၤ.

KSN-Celebrating the Class of 2021

The Karen Society of Nebraska is celebrating the Class of 2021. Congratulations to all students for success. You all are the future leader.

Celebrating the Class of 2021, Lincoln, NE

Celebrating the Class of 2021, Lincoln, NE

Celebrating the Class of 2021, Omaha, NE

Celebrating the Class of 2021, Omaha, NE

Sunkist H Judson

Encouragement by Sunkist H Judson

KSN-Special Events in 2021

Welcome! Every year KSN has two community event Karen New Year Event and Martyr's Day. You will find cultural presentations, booth displays, fashion shows, cultural dancing, and many kinds of Karen food that will lead you to learn, joyful, and fun. Keep the culture alive by preserving, sharing, maintaining the culture to transferring our cultural heritage to the next generations, and the benefit of the whole society.

73rd Karen National Day

2760 Karen New Year - Online Celebration

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird - New Year Message

Susan Kash-Brown

Susan Kash-Brown, - Special thanks volunteer on behalf of KSN.

2760 New

73rd Karen National Day - Online Celebration

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